RuneScape January Patch Information

The Runescape Patch information for this week are on the internet. These Patch notes could be read on the official runescape site. Additionally there is a video about online within the official Facebook page associated with RuneScape. Below you will find the of the most important changes.


Not everything matched using the current interface style utilized at the Circus. However , soon has changed. From now on, the benefits interface and the Circus scoreboard have been updated to suit the present interface style.



There have been some problems with Vindicta. Jagex has included this in the present patch and hopes to repair it now. From now on, players will certainly continue to retain the Attack choice when Vindicta moves to another boss phase. As a result, gamers may no longer walk below her during the transition.

Dungeoneering Gatestones

From now on, players may cast both the Gatestone, the actual Gatestone Two and the Team Gatestone teleports during the worldwide cooldown. You can also make a Gatestone or Gatestone Two in this cooldown.


When you switch on a level 99 prayer, Wrath will no longer be deactivated to any extent further. An example of a 99 plea is Affliction.

Large pockets

The Large pouches are also within the patch notes. The purchase of the ‘Wear’ and ‘Check Runes’ options have been changed. This is because the runes which contain this pouch can now be observed on the tool tip from the pouch. This makes it easier to wear the rune pouch. Now you can immediately see which runes are in your pouch.


From now on players can click on the report button with the right to select the options ‘Report a player’ and ‘Report a bug’. Jagex hopes to make it simpler to report a bug or even player.

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