Vampire Apache OSRS

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Recently, we had absolution that abounding guides about the Old School Runescape. Today, let’s abide absolution that the Vampire Apache adventure for Novice. Complete Vampire Apache with an Beforehand akin of 1 will accretion 19 Beforehand levels.

First , you charge the afterward items:

1) Bang or 1 bread for purchase

2) 2 bill or a beer (can be bought during the quest)

3) Garlic (can be acquired during the quest)

4) To alpha this quest, acquisition Morgan in Draynor Village and allocution to him.

The quest:

1. Afterwards talking with Morgan about a vampire, go admiral of Morgan’s architecture and accept garlic from a cupboard.

2. Go to the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock, and allocution to Dr Harlow who wants you to buy him a beer. Buy it from the bartender, and again Dr Harlow will accord you a stake.

3. Achieve constant you accept a weapon, armour, food, garlic, a hammer, and the stake, and yield them to Draynor Manor. Already inside, go east appear abounding stairs that beforehand downwards. Go down them. There will be a casket and the vampire Count Draynor will pop up and beforehand you. Annihilate him to complete the quest.

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